Westside Article – April 2019

April 6th 2019 sees the start of the new tax year and is an excellent time to spring clean your financial arrangements.  Here’s Hamnett Wealth Management’s suggested to do list:

1. Maximise your tax-free saving allowances

If you’ve money to save, but haven’t used up your ISA allowance, make sure you take advantage of this tax-free form of investment.  Equally, ensure you’re making the most of allowances on your pension contributions to cut your tax bill.

2. Take control of your pension arrangements

Whether you’re looking to set up a pension, save money on annual management charges or to reduce fees on expensive pension plans, review your current pension arrangements to see if they’re likely to help you achieve your retirement goals.

3. Review your investments

Markets have been volatile over the last 12 months. With fast changing political events affecting markets, it‘s imperative that your portfolio and pensions are strategically invested to profit from uncertainty and protect yourself from market shocks.

4. Plan for the future

Safeguard against unexpected future events spoiling your final wishes by setting up a trust alongside your will.  Trusts come in a variety of forms and can help lower potential inheritance tax bills as well as give extra guarantees  that loved ones will be looked after.

Appoint a lasting power of attorney so loved ones can act in accordance with your best interests and wishes as they are now.  There are two different lasting powers of attorney to consider – one to look after your health and the other your finances.

5. Brace for Brexit but…

…don’t be tempted to make any rash decisions. It’s important to remember that when the financial landscape changes, to not respond would be a missed opportunity. We recommend you seek advice from a professional Independent Financial Adviser to review your investments and ensure that your current financial plan is still working for you now and will continue to do so in the future.

Hamnett Wealth Management are Chartered Independent Financial Advisers who offer unbiased, expert financial planning advice and a working towards becoming a dementia friendly business.  Jonathan Rowley, Director and Chartered Financial Planner, is also an associate member of SOLLA. SOLLA helps people and their families in finding trusted accredited financial advisers who understand financial needs in later life.

We offer a free initial face-to-face consultation where we’ll assess your needs and explain how we can help. You’re always welcome to call into our office on Baslow Road, Totley or we can visit you in the comfort of your own home.  Call us now on 0114 235 3500.