Jonathan Achieves Affiliate Membership of STEP

Jonathan Rowley, Chartered Financial Planner and Director of Hamnett Wealth Management, has achieved Affiliate Membership of STEP, the global professional association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning.

STEP works to improve public understanding of the issues families face in this area and promote education and high professional standards among their members.

STEP members help families plan for their futures, from drafting a will to advising on issues concerning international families, protection of the vulnerable, family businesses and philanthropic giving.

Jonathan has been advising clients for over 26 years and is a Chartered Independent Financial Adviser which means he’s not restricted or limited in which products or providers he recommends. 

Jonathan said: “I am delighted to be an Affiliate Member of STEP as it demonstrates my continued commitment to high professional standards and continued professional development, inspiring the confidence, respect and trust of my clients.”

Hamnett Wealth Management have been providing unbiased, personal financial and investment advice since 1988.  We offer a range of services for individuals, business owners and trustees across a number of financial planning areas.

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Talk Money Week

Next week (9th -13th November) is Talk Money Week.  People in the UK don’t talk about their money enough.  Despite the COVID-19 crisis affecting our finances, 9 in 10 UK adults – that’s 47 million of us – don’t find it any easier to talk about money, or don’t even discuss it at all.

Talk Money Week is designed to increase people’s sense of financial wellbeing by encouraging them to open up about personal finance – from pocket money to pensions. Held each November, it’s an opportunity for everyone with an interest in financial wellbeing to get involved with events and activities across the UK, designed to help people have more open conversations about money.

Everyone has money worries – and for many, current affairs in 2020 have made these worse – but just as you can take actions to improve your physical health, you can take some simple steps to feel more in control of your financial wellbeing too. Research shows that people who talk about money:

• make better and less risky financial decisions

• have stronger personal relationships

• help their children form good money habits for life

• feel less stressed or anxious and more in control

Building money conversations into our everyday lives also helps us build financial confidence and resilience to face income shocks, life events and whatever the future throws at us.

For more information about Talk Money Week, please visit where you’ll find a range of guides to help you start the conversation. Join in the conversation online using #TalkMoneyWeek

If you’d like to have a conversation with us about your financial future, please call us on 0114 235 3500.  We’re operating as normal but can also offer appointments by telephone or Facetime, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. 

Hamnett Wealth Management Becomes Associate Firm with the Personal Finance Society

Hamnett Wealth Management has become an Associate Firm with the Personal Finance Society, the largest professional body for the financial planning sector.

Associate Firms voluntarily demonstrate the adoption of the professional standards set by the Personal Finance Society enabling them to stand tall behind a culture that places clients and staff at its heart.

Associate Firms work alongside the Personal Finance Society to build public trust in financial services and elevate the importance and value of financial wellbeing through regulated personal finance and Investment advice.

Jonathan Rowley, Director and Chartered Financial Planner, says that becoming an Associate Firm was a natural step for the company: “We have always prided ourselves on being thoroughly professional in everything we do. As an Associate Firm, we can signal our commitment to the highest levels of service to our customers.”

Phil Smith, Director and Independent Financial Adviser, is very proud of the company’s new status with the Personal Finance Society: “I am pleased that Hamnett Wealth Management has obtained this accolade as it is testament to the hard work that our team have put in over the years.  It reassures our clients that they are receiving advice of the highest possible standard and provides enhanced confidence in the industry as a whole.”

The Personal Finance Society is part of the Chartered Insurance Institute; their purpose is driven by their Royal Charter commitment, granted by the sovereign on the advice of the Privy Council, to secure and justify the confidence of the public in the profession.

Hamnett Wealth Management have been providing unbiased, reliable and trusted personal Financial Advice and Investment Advice since 1988.  They offer a comprehensive range of unbiased financial advice services for individuals, business owners and trustees across a number of financial planning areas.

Growth is the New Gold

Jonathan Rowley recently spoke with Ian Leech, editor of Yorkshire Business Insider, about recent changes to the market and where opportunities lie in a new era. You can download the article:

You can also read the article online at:

Westside Article – October 2020

No matter how large or how modest, everyone has an estate and you will want to control how it is administered to the people or organisations you care most about. There are lots of points to consider such as making a will, appointing a Lasting Power of Attorney or creating the right Trust to protect your assets and help your beneficiaries. It is important to plan ahead with confidence in order to minimise the tax burden for your family and loved ones in the future.

Many people will hold considerable investments and share portfolios that form part of their estate on death. It is possible to transfer some or all of those assets into alternative vehicles that fall outside of your estate after 2 years.  You can also retain access to the capital in case you need it. This is achieved by utilising business property relief which results in 100% relief from inheritance tax on the amount invested after a maximum of two years.

Business owners can gain business relief which makes their business exempt. However, when the business is sold, the sale proceeds are inside their estate for Inheritance Tax and 40% tax beckons. It is possible to re-invest into qualifying investments where the previous business reliefs are retained.

If your estate is valued at over £1M, as many increasingly are, then a Inheritance Tax Review is advisable.  Here’s an example of how it works:

A couple own a house worth £700K.  They also have –

ISA’s                                                £100K

Share portfolio                            £350K

Buy-To-Let houses                    £500K

Their total estate comes to £1.65M.  Assuming they have 2 Nil-rate bands of £325K each (£650K) plus a main residence nil-rate band of £175K each (£350K), it is possible for most people to pass on £1M of their estate tax free. In this example there is a £650K excess taxed at 40% so the tax bill would be £260K.

If the above clients transferred their existing share portfolio of £350K into an exempt asset, it would reduce their Inheritance Tax bill by £140K and they would still have control of their money, be able to access it at any time and receive a stable return.

More and more people are seeing the increase in house prices pushing their estate values higher and higher. The Government raise billions each year from people sleep walking into higher and higher taxes. It is time to act now.

Call us on 0114 235 3500 or email us at for a free consultation to find out how we can help you.  Our recommendations will take into account all of your investments, retirement and protection strategies so that your estate planning fits your goals.

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Pension Awareness Week 2020

Next week sees the return of the annual Pension Awareness Week and this year the roadshows have gone virtual.  The annual campaign takes place around the official UK Pension Awareness Day on 15th September.  The five-day virtual event offers you the chance to have your questions answered and the website will feature a range of videos, blogs, tips and other useful and practical resources. For more information, please visit:

If you would like pension advice, Hamnett Wealth Management are your local Independent Financial Advisers.  We can look at whether your current pension arrangements are likely to help you achieve your retirement goals. If not, we will recommend actions to take and the likely effect of them in order to secure your financial future.

We ensure that you fully understand all of your numerous retirement options and that you don’t have to take the first offer from your existing pension provider. There is nearly always better value to be had from the open market when considering annuities and the new flexible pension option should also be fully considered.

Our impartial advice takes into account all of this as well as the latest retirement and pension legislation, including the new limits on lifetime allowances. If necessary, we will also recommend any steps you can take to limit your tax liabilities.

We’re operating as normal but can also offer appointments by telephone or Facetime, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Please call 0114 235 3500 to arrange a free review meeting or visit

Over £30 million lost through pension scams

Pension savers are being warned to watch out for scams as over £30 million has been lost to pension scammers in just three years.

Information released by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and The Pension Regulator (TPR) reveals that a total of £30,857,329 has been lost to pension scammers since 2017. The full article can be read online at

In 2019, the Pensions Transfer Gold Standard was launched. This is a voluntary code of good practice for safeguarded and defined benefit pension transfer advice, based around a set of nine principles. Full details at:

Firms are required to adopt and promote the principles so consumers can better understand and find good advice, and be confident they are dealing with a firm that goes beyond the minimum requirements.

Hamnett Wealth Management have adopted the Pension Transfer Gold Standard. For more information, please visit or call us on 0114 235 3500.

Lockdown Pressure Impacts Relationships

Just over 1,000 online divorce applications were lodged in the first week of lockdown.  Figures from Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) saw 1,001 web petitions filed between March 23rd and March 31st alone. With statistics for the rest of lockdown not yet available, it is feared that there will be a huge surge in couples deciding to separate.  

Going through a separation or divorce is a difficult and daunting time and it can feel overwhelming with everything that has to be considered.  It is vitally important to think about how the breakdown of a relationship affects any assets, estate and, most importantly, any children.

There will be areas that need dealing with immediately to maintain stability such as bills and mortgage payments. However, once these are taken care of, it is time to look longer-term and seek advice from a professional Independent Financial Adviser.

Hamnett Wealth Management specialises in this area and we can discuss the best way to split assets for separating couples and consider the tax and legal consequences. We are an accredited member of Resolution, an organisation of 6,500 family lawyers and other professionals in England and Wales, who believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters.

Find out more about how we can help by giving us a call on 0114 235 3500 or email us at

Fraud Prevention

Financial scams are a growing problem, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, and predominantly affect the older generation, with the average age of a victim being 75. 

Whilst a lot of these scams occur via the internet, it’s important to remember that not all fraud relies on sophisticated technology. Sometimes a simple deception can separate you from your money.

If you suspect that someone is pretending to be from Hamnett Wealth Management, stop all communications (hang up/don’t answer the email) and call us via a known number you have. Don’t worry – if the person who got in touch with you is indeed from Hamnett Wealth, they won’t mind if you call them back on our main office number.

Remember that fraudsters may contact you by telephone, email, SMS or text, letter or direct you to a website. These may look legitimate, with similar sounding names to a bank or financial institution.

By adding official-looking logos, banking registration details and company numbers, they give the impression that everything is right. If you’re not sure, call the head office switchboard, and never use numbers supplied by the person that you’re suspicious of.

Hamnett Wealth Management will never request personal details or other sensitive information via email. We will never request you to click on a link to access your account.  Looking after your security is a fundamental part of our business.

Jonathan Rowley is a SOLLA accredited Independent Financial Adviser. SOLLA is a not-for-profit organisation founded to make sure older people and their families get the very best advice when it comes to financial planning for later life. SOLLA members keep up-to-date with the fast-moving world of financial fraud and can help to spot the signs of scams. They are dedicated to providing the right advice and with a full understanding of the issues affecting older people and their families.

For more advice on fraud prevention, visit

For more information on SOLLA, visit

Westside Article – July 2020

We hope all Westside readers are keeping well during this difficult time. The affect of Covid-19 is still being felt world-wide and financial markets have been volatile, as you would expect in times of uncertainty, with many sectors and funds being adversely impacted.

At Hamnett Wealth Management, our investment philosophy has always been to look to the long term.  We have never attempted to predict the immediate path of the stock markets and we are not about to start now.  Over the last 30 years, we have witnessed several global crises. Each one different from the last. However, what we have learnt from all of them is to keep calm and endure.

There will be those of you who want to ‘do something’ but often the best, and hardest, option is to do nothing. Whilst uncertainty can create anxiety, don’t be tempted to make any rash decisions.  We are in constant contact with the fund management groups and the over-riding sentiment that we are hearing is that Covid-19 will have an impact on all businesses – some more than others.   Therefore we are currently looking at the possibilities and focusing on those companies that can weather this storm and will continue to adjust our portfolios over time.


We are pleased to welcome a new Advisor to the team, Erica Dietsch.  Erica is an extremely experienced Financial Advisor who has worked with individuals and small businesses on all aspects of financial planning. 

Erica said: “I am looking forward to joining the Hamnett Wealth team. When the opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance to help Jonathan and Phil grow the business. I have always admired the way that they operate and how they have built a loyal base of clients who rely on them for managing their finances.  They both share my passion for providing clear, concise and transparent independent financial advice.”

Jonathan Rowley, Director of Hamnett Wealth, said: “I have known Erica both personally and professionally for many years. When we needed to expand the team, I knew that Erica would be the ideal person to help us grow our advice capabilities.  Erica is well known to many in Sheffield, having worked for the last 12 years at a local firm of Chartered Accountants. Erica has a very personable approach and I am sure she will fit into the existing team well.”

If you would like one of our Advisors to review your finances, are unsure of how your portfolio is performing, or want to look at alternate ways to get a good return on your savings and pensions, please call us on 0114 235 3500 for a free initial meeting.  Our office is operating as normal but we can also offer appointments by telephone or Facetime, Microsoft teams & Zoom.

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