Westside Article – October 2015

“If you are approaching retirement it is very important that you seek advice from a Professional Independent Financial Adviser” says Phil Smith, Director at Hamnett Wealth Management.

For people approaching retirement or supplementing their pension income from savings, times are tough. Interest rates have been at a record low for over 6 years. The amount of income available at retirement through traditional annuities for people who have diligently saved into private pensions is lower now than ever. Those people who have worked hard and done the right thing by building a nest egg are justified in feeling more than just a little hard done by at the moment.

However, help is at hand. At Hamnett Wealth Management our job is to help you get your money working for you. If you’re not happy with the interest you are getting on your savings we can see if you are getting the best rate available, don’t let your money add to the banks’ profits, let’s help it profit you. If you are not satisfied with the returns on your investments, take advantage of our investment review service, we will make sure your money is invested for your benefit and not for the benefit of poorly performing fund managers and insurance companies.

If you have a personal pension it is crucial you get Independent Financial Advice as things have changed dramatically. We will ensure you fully understand all your retirement options (and they are numerous), you don’t have to take the first offer from your existing pension provider, there is nearly always better value from the open market when considering annuities, and the new flexible pension income options need to be fully considered as well. You often only get once chance to get things right when retiring so take advantage of our qualified and professional advice to make sure the extra pounds are going in your pocket and not insurance company coffers.

At Hamnett Wealth Management we offer a free initial consultation.  Come and have a coffee and a chat and we will assess your individual needs and explain how we could help.  Call us on 0114 235 3500 to arrange a convenient time.