Fraud Prevention

Financial scams are a growing problem, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, and predominantly affect the older generation, with the average age of a victim being 75. 

Whilst a lot of these scams occur via the internet, it’s important to remember that not all fraud relies on sophisticated technology. Sometimes a simple deception can separate you from your money.

If you suspect that someone is pretending to be from Hamnett Wealth Management, stop all communications (hang up/don’t answer the email) and call us via a known number you have. Don’t worry – if the person who got in touch with you is indeed from Hamnett Wealth, they won’t mind if you call them back on our main office number.

Remember that fraudsters may contact you by telephone, email, SMS or text, letter or direct you to a website. These may look legitimate, with similar sounding names to a bank or financial institution.

By adding official-looking logos, banking registration details and company numbers, they give the impression that everything is right. If you’re not sure, call the head office switchboard, and never use numbers supplied by the person that you’re suspicious of.

Hamnett Wealth Management will never request personal details or other sensitive information via email. We will never request you to click on a link to access your account.  Looking after your security is a fundamental part of our business.

Jonathan Rowley is a SOLLA accredited Independent Financial Adviser. SOLLA is a not-for-profit organisation founded to make sure older people and their families get the very best advice when it comes to financial planning for later life. SOLLA members keep up-to-date with the fast-moving world of financial fraud and can help to spot the signs of scams. They are dedicated to providing the right advice and with a full understanding of the issues affecting older people and their families.

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