Retirement – How Covid made people put plans on hold

A recent article in the Guardian Money section looked at how the pandemic has made many people reaching the state pension age reassess their future. For many on the verge of retirement, Covid-19 has had a financial impact.

In 2021 about 680,000 Britons will reach state pension age, according to the Office for National Statistics, but the coronavirus means many are having to think again about when, or even if, they can stop work. Research by the Interactive Investor website indicates one in five people aged 60-65 believe they will need to delay retirement. Its Great British Retirement Survey of 12,000 adults also revealed about one in four feared they would never be able to retire. You can read the article in full at: ‘I can’t possibly afford it’: how Covid has dashed retirement dreams | Retirement planning | The Guardian

How to boost your pension

• Check for missing funds: The Department for Work and Pensions estimates that there could be 1.6m lost pension pots, containing a total of £19.4bn. The government offers a scheme to track down lost pensions at:

• Make use of pension freedoms: From the age of 55 you can do what you want with your retirement savings: you can draw an income, buy an annuity, take a cash lump sum or a combination of these options. Making the best use of a mixed approach to your retirement income could boost your income, and an adviser can help with this.

• Inform your pension provider: If you are considering delaying your retirement, tell your workplace pension provider in plenty of time. This will prevent your pension moving into lower-risk assets and missing out on further opportunities for growth.

There are plenty of free resources out there that can help you plan for retirement. For example, you can speak to the government-backed free guidance service Pension Wise about any concerns. You can find out what you are on track to receive from the state pension, and when it will be paid, by using the government’s online forecast tool at:

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