Talk Money, Talk Pensions Week

This week is ‘Talk Money, Talk Pensions Week’ (18-22 November 2019) and marks an annual celebration of the work thousands of organisations are doing to help people manage their money and pensions and build financial wellbeing.

Talk Money, Talk Pensions Week is a great opportunity to join, start or lead the conversation.  It’s for anyone, or any organisation, working to help people deal better with money matters, or any organisation that wants to learn more about financial wellbeing and what it might mean for them.

Financial wellbeing is about people feeling secure and in control – knowing that not only are they able to manage day-to-day and deal with the unexpected, but that they are also building towards a healthy financial future.

A financially healthy nation is not only good for individuals, but also for communities, business and the economy.

Through the week, people are encouraged to take action to improve their financial wellbeing of those around them – whether through accessing free debt advice, saving regularly, seeking out financial education or relying less on credit for everyday spending.

If you’d like to have a conversation with us about your financial future, please call us on 0114 235 3500. 

To find out more about Talk Money, Talk Pensions Week and join in the conversation, please visit: