Westside Article – August 2016

So the UK has voted to leave the EU and we are already seeing the repercussions across the political and fiscal systems. As trusted Independent Financial Advisors, we’ve been taking calls from clients concerned with what this all means for them and their financial future.

Hamnett Wealth Management is a local, independent financial advice company who’ve been helping people since 1988.  We are small enough to care about each and every one of our valued clients, building trust and long-lasting relationships, yet we are large enough to provide specialist financial planning advice on your pensions, investments, inheritance tax and estate planning needs.

Our advice with regards to Brexit is not to panic. Whilst the media may be whipping everyone into a frenzy, don’t be tempted to make any rash decisions. We predict the markets will recover somewhat in the longer-term and eventually stabilise.  However, for the financial landscape to change the way it has and for you not respond, would be a missed opportunity. We recommend you seek advice from a professional Independent Financial Adviser to review your investments and ensure that your current financial plan is still working for you now and will continue to do so in the future.

Jonathan Rowley, Director of Hamnett Wealth Management, said: “Over the coming weeks and months, Britain’s future will become clearer and we will keep up-to-date with any changes to legislation and policies so we can provide the best possible advice to our clients.  There is a lot of speculation at the moment about what could happen but we pride ourselves on dealing with the facts and explaining everything to our clients in plain English.”

If you feel you could benefit from talking to an Independent Financial Adviser, please contact Hamnett Wealth Management on 0114 235 3500 for a free initial review meeting.